New alcohol trade register Allu has been deployed successfully

25.4.2023 12:00

Electronic services in the updated alcohol trade register Allu are now available in Finnish and Swedish. The register’s e-services will also be available in English later.

Allu is a register maintained by the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health (Valvira) and the Regional State Administrative Agencies, in which information about alcohol operators, alcohol licences and alcoholic products, as well as their production and deliveries, is saved. The register is used by various parties, ranging from serving licence holders to retailers, wholesalers, producers, industrial users and the authorities.

All alcohol licences, changes in licences, notifications and reports are now processed in Allu’s e-services following the one stop shop principle.

Applications and notifications will be automatically forwarded to the correct Regional State Administrative Agency or Valvira for processing.

Active system development will continue. Visit our website for up-to-date information about the development of the register.
The alcohol trade register has shifted to the modern age 

The deployment of the new Allu register has a significant impact on the alcohol sector as a whole. 

“With the new Allu, the alcohol administration’s digitalisation goals can be achieved, as the system enables user-friendly e-services for notifications, licences and reports. What is more, the new register makes it easier to contact the authorities and also makes the alcohol administration’s activities more effective,” says Markus Henriksson, Director General of Valvira.

The new alcohol trade register also improves the quality of information.

“In the future, Allu will allow us to collect the information required to support effective licensing and supervisory activities,” says Henriksson.

Read more about Allu:

Visit our website for more information and videos that help you get started in using the new system.

Further information:

General questions about the alcohol trade register: alkoholi(at)
Technical questions about the alcohol trade register: allu(at)