Applying for a production or import and wholesale licence for spirits

If you wish to start the production or the import and wholesale of spirits, you must apply for a licence from the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health (Valvira). Valvira will grant the licence on application. 

Apply for a licence in the e-services of the alcohol trade register (Allu). 

The application should be submitted in due time before the start of the production or wholesale activity. The processing time varies on a case-by-case basis, but the average processing time is around three months. If necessary, Valvira may carry out a preliminary inspection of the production premises with a representative of the licence applicant. During the preliminary inspection, Valvira will assess whether the premises meet the requirements of the Alcohol Act and (if spirits are used for food purposes) the Food Act. Matters related to legislation, self-monitoring and reporting will also be reviewed with the licence applicant.

Please note that the processing fee for the licence decision is determined in accordance with the Decree of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. 

Fees for the production and wholesale of spirits until 31 December 2025 EUR
Production licence for spirits 3,500
Import and wholesale licence for spirits 1,500
Registration of food operations (new activity, substantial change of activity, change of operator) 150
Amendment of a licence, approval or licence condition 225
Amendment of a licence, approval or licence condition, including inspection 600

General requirements for licences

Valvira may grant a production, import or wholesale licence to a legally competent organisation (e.g. a limited liability company, cooperative or incorporated partnership registered in the Trade Register) that has submitted a basic notification to the registration authorities, or to a person (sole trader) who is deemed to have the necessary qualifications and reliability for such activity. 

Valvira can grant a licence to an applicant who is not bankrupt, who is financially capable of taking care of the activities and fulfilling their statutory obligations, and who is known to be reliable and suitable for the task in terms of their personal characteristics. A licence cannot be issued if the applicant’s or person’s previous actions as a whole indicate the applicant or person to be plainly unsuitable to engage in business activities pursuant to legislation.

Valvira will assess the applicant’s reliability and suitability as a licence holder. Matters considered during the assessment include:

  • Whether the applicant or a responsible person of the applicant has to a considerable extent or repeatedly neglected the payment of taxes or other public charges
  • Whether the applicant has been deemed insolvent during execution proceedings, and the insolvency is not temporary
  • Whether any licence under the Alcohol Act has been revoked in the last five years 
  • Whether the applicant has been sentenced in the last five years for an intentional offence related to business activities that may result in imprisonment

Production licence for teaching or research purposes

A production licence for spirits may be granted for teaching and research purposes. Spirits produced for teaching and research purposes may only be used in the analysis and quality control of the product. More information about a production licence for teaching and research purposes is available on the “Application for a production licence for alcoholic beverages for teaching and research purposes” page.