Alcohol trade register – privacy statement

The alcohol trade register’s privacy policy was prepared on 12 July 2023. The National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health (Valvira) acts as the controller.

In addition to Valvira, joint controllers include the Regional State Administrative Agencies that process licences and supervision cases assigned to them in the Alcohol Act in their area and are responsible for the data they have saved in and transferred to the alcohol trade register. Other joint controllers are the State Department of Åland and Ålands miljö- och hälsöskyddsmyndighet (the Åland Environmental and Health Protection Authority) that act as licensing and supervisory authorities in the Åland Islands and process registered data. 

Purpose of the processing of personal data

We process personal data when processing the licences defined in the Alcohol Act, during supervisory activities and when compiling alcohol statistics. 

Valvira does not use your personal data in automated decision making or profiling.

The personal data processed

Personal data about applicants for licences defined in the Alcohol Act is processed in the register. Regarding companies and other organisations, data about their managers, responsible persons and owners is entered in the register.

The data laid down in section 66 of the Alcohol Act is entered in the alcohol trade register:

  1. the name and business name, the personal identity code or business ID, and the address, telephone number and other address details;
  2. the data laid down in paragraph 1 concerning the members of an organisation’s Board of Directors, the CEO and significant shareholders, responsible and silent partners, and their investment inputs;
  3. data about self-employed individuals and the persons referred to in paragraph 2 concerning police and pre-trial investigations, the consideration and bringing of charges, the legal processing of criminal cases, and criminal convictions;
  4. data about entry in the VAT and prepayment register and the Finnish Tax Administration’s other registers, and data about outstanding tax debts;
  5. data about obligations subject to enforcement proceedings;
  6. data about corporate restructuring and bankruptcies, as well as other court decisions on outstanding debts;
  7. data about debt arrangements of private persons under guardianship;
  8. data about activities carried out based on a licence issued under this act, any breaches of regulations and provisions issued in and under this act and the consequences of such breaches, and data about audits conducted by the supervisory authorities and their results;
  9. other data required for the processing and supervision of licences and the compilation of statistics that does not include any sensitive data referred to in section 11 of the Personal Data Act (523/1999).

Furthermore, data about the processing of licence applications is saved in the records of Valvira or the relevant Regional State Administrative Agency. The names and email addresses of an applicant’s contact people are also processed during the licence application stage.