Submitting materials to the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health

Please send any written pleadings and other documents to the registry’s email address at Valvira, kirjaamo(at), instead of the personal email address of an official. Valvira also has an e-service for various licensing and control matters handled by Valvira.

The written pleading and appended documents should be sent as separate files. The written pleading itself may consist simply of text in the body of an email.

Due to data security reasons, we do not receive material from external data storage media, such as flash drives. All material must be submitted through the e-service, email or secure email. 

Please do not send any confidential information or any sensitive personal data such as health or social welfare client data via regular email, not even as an attachment. Confidential information must be sent by secure email.

Heading and body of the email

Make the subject of the email a short and informative heading. If you know the registry number of the matter at hand, please enter it in the subject line or in the body of the message.

Naming attachments

A filename must clearly describe the content of the file. Please include identifying details in the filename, such as the document date and/or the name of the person whom the document concerns.

The filename may be a maximum of 80 characters. An example of an informative filename: “Attachment 1 Degree certificate 1 February 2021 John Smith”.

If your written pleading has a numbered list of attachments, please make sure the list matches the attachment numbers at the beginning of the attachments’ names.

Allowed file formats

Submit text files to Valvira in the .pdf, .txt, .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .odt, .ods or .odp format. If possible, use the pdf/a file format, which is directly compatible with the Valvira case management system used for archiving purposes. If possible, please convert image files to PDF or PDF/A format to speed up processing.

You will know that the message has been received by the Valvira registry when you receive an automatic acknowledgement message.

Maximum attachment sizes

The maximum size of an email, including attachments, is 50 MB.

The maximum size of a single file in the e-service is 10 MB.

The maximum size of a secure email, including attachments, is 400 MB.