Wholesale of products subject to the Tobacco Act

Wholesale of tobacco products and nicotine-containing liquids must be notified in writing to the municipality where the sales outlet is located. The simplest way is to submit the notification electronically. For questions concerning the notification, you can contact the municipal authority supervising the Tobacco Act in the first instance.

In addition to the wholesale of tobacco products and nicotine-containing liquids, the municipal authority supervising the Tobacco Act must be notified in advance of changes in wholesale operations and the termination of operations. This information may have an impact on the control fees charged by the municipality, so the information must be submitted to the municipality in good time. The municipality charges a fee according to the approved rate for the processing of wholesale notifications of tobacco products and nicotine-containing liquids.

Wholesalers of tobacco products and nicotine-containing liquids do not need a retail permit unless they sell the products directly to consumers.

The wholesale notification must include the following information:

  1. the applicant’s name or business name, contact information in Finland, personal identity code or business ID, and the address of the sales outlet of the products
  2. an indication of the products to be sold covered by the notification
  3. a self-monitoring plan
  4. an indication of the number and location of points of sale at the sales outlet
  5. a report on the placement of tobacco products, tobacco substitutes, smoking accessories, electronic cigarettes, and nicotine-containing liquids at the point of sale.

In addition, everyone involved in the supply chain of tobacco products must have the identifications required by the traceability system for tobacco products. For more information, visit our page on the prevention of illicit trade.

The wholesale notification form with filling instructions can be found at the end of this page under Files.

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