Tobacco products

The Tobacco Act imposes various limits on additives and properties of tobacco products.

A tobacco product refers to a product intended for consumption that is made, in part or wholly, of tobacco. Tobacco products can be divided into non-smoking products and tobacco products intended for smoking. Tobacco products intended for smoking include cigarettes, loose tobacco and cigars, among others. Non-smoking tobacco products include nasal tobacco and snuff, which are, however, illegal to sell or otherwise distribute to consumers in Finland. Depending on their characteristics, heated tobacco products can be smokeless or tobacco products intended for smoking.

Requirements on tobacco products

It is prohibited for the retail sale or other distribution of tobacco products that 

  • contain additives that are liable to create the impression that the product has a health benefit or presents reduced health risks compared to other tobacco products
  • contain stimulant compounds or other additives that are liable to create an impression of energy and vitality
  • contain additives that have colouring properties for emissions
  • contain additives that have CMR properties (carcinogenic, mutagenic or reprotoxic) in unburnt form
  • contain quantities of additives that significantly or measurably add to the tobacco product’s toxic or addictive properties or its CMR properties when used.
  • It is also prohibited to sell or otherwise supply to consumers tobacco products for smoking that contain additives which facilitate nicotine uptake or the inhalation of smoke.

Additionally, it is prohibited to sell or otherwise distribute cigarettes, loose tobacco or heated tobacco products that

  • have characteristics or contain additives that have a characterising flavour or aroma
  • contain flavour ingredients in a way to change the flavour of the product or the strength of the smoke
  • the filter, paper or cartridge thereof contains tobacco or nicotine.