Adaptation period and aptitude test

If there are significant differences between the education that the applicant has received abroad and the education in Finland, Valvira will issue a certificate of conditional recognition of professional qualifications. In social care this can be issued for all qualifications completed abroad and in health care for qualifications received in another EU or EEA country. The certificate of conditional recognition will specify the additional measures required to compensate for the differences. Additional measures include an aptitude test and an adaptation period. The applicant cannot be licensed to practise their profession until the additional measure specified has been acceptably completed. The applicant will need to reapply for a licence once they have completed the additional measure.

Adaptation period

During the adaptation period, the applicant works under the guidance and supervision of another professional. The applicant will be directly employed by the body maintaining the health care unit in question. The adaptation period may include complementary training in the form of formal complementary training provided by the employer or as learning on the job. The applicant must personally find a placement for the adaptation period. The employer may pay the applicant a wage for the duration of the adaptation period.

Valvira will determine the length of and the positions in which the adaptation period can be completed, in the decision on conditional recognition. The duties included in the adaptation period must be performed in Finnish or Swedish. The employer is responsible for ensuring that the applicant has sufficient language skills before the adaptation period begins.

The applicant and the employer will sign an agreement concerning the adaptation period and seek Valvira’s approval for the agreement. By filling the adaptation period agreement, the employer and the supervisor agree to ensure that the conditions imposed in the agreement can be acceptably fulfilled during the adaptation period. If the adaptation period consists of multiple segments at different units or is performed under different supervisors, a separate agreement must be filled for each segment.

The supervisor must monitor, guide, and oversee the applicant’s performance during the adaptation period and address any weaknesses immediately. The supervisor must be licensed to practise the profession in question in Finland and have at least five years of work experience. The supervisor will evaluate the applicant’s performance and give their opinion on the applicant’s competence and ability to practise their profession to Valvira once the adaptation period has ended. The supervisor must mention in their opinion if any significant differences or shortcomings were not acceptably rectified during the adaptation period.

If there is a possibility of any risk to patient safety resulting from the applicant’s actions during the adaptation period, the supervisor must notify Valvira immediately. In such a case, Valvira may order that the adaptation period be discontinued. The supervisor must give an opinion on the applicant’s performance even if their adaptation period was discontinued either by the applicant or by Valvira.

The applicant may only begin the adaptation period once they have sufficient language skills to perform the required tasks and a registration certificate issued by Valvira.

To register with Valvira, the applicant will need:

  1. A certificate of conditional recognition.
  2. An adaptation period agreement for an applicant trained in another EU/EEA Member State. The applicant will fill in the application form together with their employer and submit it to Valvira no later than three weeks before the adaptation period is due to begin. You can find the application form for the adaptation period at the end of this page.

Aptitude Test

The purpose of the aptitude test is to evaluate the applicant’s professional competence and ability to practise their profession in Finland. The test is organised by a Finnish educational institution that offers the degree course in question. The educational institution will charge a fee for administering the test. More information about the charge is available from the relevant educational institution. The principal content of the test and the body administering the test will be specified in Valvira’s decision on conditional recognition.

Reapplying for a licence to practise a profession after completing an additional measure

Apply for a licence to practice your profession once you have acceptably completed the additional measure.

  1. Fill in the application form found at the end of this page or send in a freeform application. If you send in a freeform application, make sure to include your name and contact details as well as which professional practice right you are applying for.
  2. Attach a statement about the completed and accepted additional measure.

If necessary, Valvira may request further evidence or check that you have sufficient language skills (Finnish or Swedish).