Marketing strong alcoholic beverages

The advertising and other sales promotion of strong alcoholic beverages containing more than 22 per cent of alcohol by volume are prohibited by law.

The marketing of strong alcoholic beverages is only permitted in the following separately defined exceptional cases:

  • advertising in licensed, retail sales and production premises for strong alcoholic beverages;
  • product catalogues or price lists published by the seller of alcoholic beverages;
  • advertising targeted at those participating in the sale of alcoholic beverages; and
  • advertising in foreign publications.

The concept of marketing is broad

Marketing means not only advertising, indirect advertising and other sales promotion, but also regular media advertising and other commercial communication targeted at consumers.

The indirect advertising of strong alcoholic beverages is also prohibited. A logo established as representing a strong alcoholic beverage cannot be used as-is in advertising, nor in any modified form as the logo of another product or service. Neither can the advertising of another product convey the impression of a specific strong alcoholic beverage in any other respect. Such an impression may arise through images or key colours associated with a beverage, for example. In addition, handing out merchandise carrying the logos of strong alcoholic beverages is prohibited.

Frequently asked questions about the marketing of strong alcoholic beverages