Valvira’s mission and vision


Valvira oversees everyone’s right to wellbeing, high-quality services and safe living conditions on a national level.


Effective oversight – responsible actors.

Our strategy rests on three focus areas. They indicate what is particularly important in licensing and supervision activities for welfare and health. The first focus area is that we strengthen responsible practices to improve customer, patient and living environment safety. Like our vision, this highlights the importance of self-monitoring.

The second strategic focus area is to safeguard consistent supervision and equal treatment of all individuals. It is important to ensure that the licensing and supervision activities of the authorities – Valvira, the Regional State Administrative Agencies, well-being services counties, and municipalities – are consistent.

The third strategic focus area is to utilise information to ensure effective supervision. This highlights the importance of high-quality and comprehensive information and its use.

In addition to the strategic focus areas, Valvira has identified four enablers, which help us create opportunities to implement the focus areas and achieve their goals. These enablers are:

  • service-driven digitalisation
  • inclusive cooperation and networking
  • proactive and effective communication
  • competent and satisfied personnel.

We invest in the wellbeing and competence of our personnel, as well as in digitalisation. We are engaged in open and effective communication and in active interaction with our stakeholders. 

Valvira’s values


Our expertise is multi-professional and interactive, and develops continuously.


We have the courage to change, prioritise and take initiative.


Our activities are reliable and promote non-discrimination. We process our cases comprehensively.