Working as a student in social welfare and health care

Employers are responsible for ensuring that students fulfil the statutory requirements for performing the job duties assigned to them. Employers must evaluate the skills of each employee on a case-by-case basis and consider for which duties they have sufficient competence.

Employers must specify the job duties, responsibilities, limits and other requirements of students employed, in sufficient detail. Employers must also verify that each student has acceptably completed the required studies. Even if an operating unit recruits a student through a hired labour service, the operating unit itself must verify the above. If the student to be hired is foreign, the employer must also evaluate whether the student’s language skills are sufficient for performing the intended job duties.

Supervisor appointed for students

Operating units must appoint a supervisor, in writing, for both health care students and students temporarily performing the duties of a social worker. The supervisor must be employed at the same unit as the student. The supervisor must be a legalised professional who has the right to independently practise the profession for which the student being supervised is studying. For example, the supervisor of a dental hygiene student must be a legalised dental hygienist, and the supervisor of a nursing student must be a legalised registered nurse. The supervisor must have sufficient practical experience in the profession. The supervisor must monitor, guide and oversee the student’s actions and immediately address any errors or omissions, and intervene in the actions if there is a danger of compromising patient or client safety.

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