Notifications of product data for products referred to in the Tobacco Act

Information about many different tobacco products and similar products must be provided to Valvira and the Commission to ensure the legality of the products. The content and scope of the notification requirement vary by product category.

Notifications regarding tobacco products

Before a tobacco product can be sold or otherwise distributed to consumers, the manufacturer must submit the following information to Valvira.

Further information of the notification requirement for tobacco products

Notifications concerning electronic cigarettes and liquids used therein

The manufacturer or importer of electronic cigarettes (including components of electronic cigarettes), refill containers and nicotine-free liquids intended for vaporisation must notify Valvira of a product that it intends to sell or otherwise distribute to consumers. An advance notification is also required of nicotine cartridges that, as parts of electronic cigarettes, meet the definition of an electronic cigarette. Such a notification must be submitted at least 6 months in advance of the product being introduced to the market. 

Notifications regarding herbal products for smoking