Guideline for serving alcoholic beverages

The National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health (Valvira) has compiled the main provisions concerning the serving of alcoholic beverages and their interpretation policy into a guideline for serving alcoholic beverages. You will find the guideline at the end of this page.

A holder of a serving licence and their staff are obligated to ensure that the Alcohol Act is complied when serving alcohol. This means that parties active in the restaurant industry must be familiar with the regulations relating to the serving of alcohol. The guideline for serving alcoholic beverages offers a comprehensive overview of the legislation related to the serving of alcohol and interpretations made by the authorities. In addition to the Regional State Administrative Agencies, the guideline is intended for companies, employees and students in the restaurant industry.

The purpose of the guideline is to guide the Regional State Administrative Agencies in the application of the Alcohol Act, as well as to promote the achievement of the general objectives of the Alcohol Act and the reduction of alcohol-related harm.

Guideline serves as training material for alcohol passport test

A certificate of knowledge of the Alcohol Act is called an alcohol passport (anniskelupassi in Finnish). Educational institutions in the restaurant industry that organise alcohol passport tests prepare the questions on the basis of the guideline for serving alcoholic beverages.

The content relevant to the alcohol passport test can be found in Chapters 1–3 of the guideline, which deal with the serving and advertising of alcoholic beverages, and related supervision. Chapter 4 on applying for a serving licence is for licence applicants and licence holders.

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