Manufacture of hand sanitisers

Hand sanitisers are biocidal products whose manufacturing supervision is primarily the responsibility of the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes). This page contains information on matters within Valvira’s powers, which the hand sanitiser manufacturer must take into account on the basis of the Food Act and the Alcohol Act.

Manufacture of hand sanitisers for consumer use

The ethanol content of hand sanitisers sold for consumer use may not exceed 80 per cent by volume. The ethanol in the product must be slightly denatured. More information on ethanol denaturation can be found on the Spirit denaturation page. In addition to denatured ethanol, hand sanitisers must also contain other substances, and simply adding water is not enough. Typically, the products include glycerol and various gel-forming agents.

Manufacture of hand sanitisers for healthcare

Valvira may grant a licence to use hand sanitisers for professional use in public and private healthcare. Products whose composition differs from that of products intended for consumer use may be sold to holders of such licences.