Notification obligation according to the Health Protection Act 

The operator must submit a written notification to the municipal health protection authority about the establishment or commissioning of a location or activity that may cause a health detriment to customers or housing. 

 A written notification must also be submitted for substantial changes to or termination of an activity. The notification need not be submitted if the activity requires an environmental permit according to the Environmental Protection Act.

The notification obligation applies to the following locations and activities:

  • space intended for accommodation
  • a gym, exercise facility, sauna, spa, indoor swimming pool, outdoor swimming pool and beach open to the public
  • a daycare centre and a place for organising activities related to the gathering of children and young people, as well as an educational institution that organises pre-primary or primary education, vocational education, upper secondary education, higher education, basic art education or non-formal education, or a place where such education is organised
  • a place where a social welfare operating unit provides continuous care
  • a solarium service, skin-breaking activity (e.g. a tattoo studio) and a beauty salon that requires special hygiene
  • premises and facilities other than those referred to in sections 1–5 and such functions that may cause a health hazard considering the number of users or nature
  • a facility supplying drinking water 
  • other intake and use of drinking water
  • healthcare unit (a notification must be submitted for supervising risk management for water systems)
    • hospital
    • health centre with a ward