Pricing and price notices of alcoholic beverages

While no upper or lower limit has been set for the pricing of alcoholic beverages in the Alcohol Act, any volume discounts are prohibited.

Two or more packages or portions of alcoholic beverages cannot be offered at a quantity discount price, in other words, a joint discount price, in such a way that the unit price of the same commodities is more expensive when bought separately. An alcoholic beverage cannot be more expensive when bought individually than what its price is as a similar portion in a multi-package. This provision does not apply to situations where a single alcoholic beverage is sold in individual packages of different sizes.

Advertising discount prices

In retail, discount prices of alcoholic beverages of a brief duration – less than two months – can, by law, only be advertised inside the retail sales premises. If alcoholic beverages are sold at a discount price, the price can only be advertised outside the retail sales premises if the discount price is valid for an uninterrupted period of at least two months throughout the opening hours of the premises. To avoid any disambiguation regarding the validity of the price of an alcoholic beverage indicated in an advertisement, the validity of the price should be indicated in marketing.

Discount prices of alcoholic beverages that are valid for less than two months cannot be placed so that they are visible from outside the retail sales premises. Furthermore, they cannot be advertised in newspapers, on the retail store's website or Facebook page, or in customer newsletters.

Licensed premises may also advertise short-term special offers concerning mild alcoholic beverages outside the licensed premises, including windows, doors or advertisements placed in the immediate vicinity of the premises (for example advertising stands). Similarly, licensed premises may advertise the aforementioned special offers on their website or in newspapers. Licensed premises can only advertise any discount prices of strong alcoholic beverages inside the licensed premises. Discount prices of strong alcoholic beverages cannot be published on websites or social media or in a restaurant’s window or newspapers.

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