Production and wholesale of alcoholic beverages

In accordance with the Alcohol Act, the production of alcoholic beverages for commercial purposes and the wholesale of alcoholic beverages are activities subject to a licence. Commercial production and wholesale are allowed only for actors possessing a production licence granted by Valvira for that purpose.

The term ‘production of alcoholic beverages’ refers to the production of ethyl alcohol by fermentation or other means and the concentration of a solution containing ethyl alcohol by distillation or other similar means. The further processing or packaging of an alcoholic beverage produced elsewhere is also considered to be the production of an alcoholic beverage. A production licence also includes the right to wholesale the products.

The term ‘wholesale of alcoholic beverages’ refers to the selling of alcoholic beverages for resale or further processing. A wholesale licence for alcoholic beverages entitles the holder to the import of alcohol.

Valvira grants production or wholesale licences on application. For instructions on how to apply, see the Applying for a production or wholesale licence for alcoholic beverages page. A granted licence is valid until further notice unless the applicant has applied for a fixed-term permit or the activity is of a temporary nature. A licence may also be granted for a fixed term if Valvira has a justified reason to grant a temporary licence to monitor the requirements or effects of an applicant’s activity subject to a licence. A licence valid until further notice remains valid as long as the licence holder is deemed to be compliant with the requirements for the production or a wholesale licence. The licence will expire when the licence holder submits a notification of the termination of the licence/activity.

While the production or wholesale licence is valid, the licence holder is obligated to ensure that they have the prerequisites and the reliability required for the activity. If necessary, Valvira may revoke the production licence either for a set period or permanently without any compensation to the licence holder if the provisions, regulations, restrictions or conditions laid down are not complied with, or the licence holder is deemed to have lost the prerequisites for being granted the licence or their reliability.

Production licence for teaching or research purposes

Valvira may grant a production licence for alcoholic beverages for teaching or research purposes. Alcoholic beverages produced for teaching and research purposes may only be used in the analysis of the product and its quality control.

Home production of alcoholic beverages

Private persons have the right to make mild alcoholic beverages at home, but solely through the process of fermentation. Alcoholic beverages produced in a household are intended for private use only and may not be sold or served in connection with any commercial activities or at events subject to a charge.