Organic alcoholic beverages and spirits

Valvira supervises the manufacture, wholesale, storage and placing on the market, as well as export to and import from third countries, of organic alcoholic beverages and spirits. The other control authorities for organic production in Finland are the Finnish Food Authority and Finnish Customs.

A product is considered to bear an indication referring to organic production if the consumer is given the impression that the product or one of its ingredients has been produced in accordance with the rules for organic production. The reference may appear on the sales package, other labelling, advertising materials or commercial documents.

Alcoholic beverages produced, imported and/or marketed with indications referring to organic production are also subject to the same regulations as alcoholic beverages produced using conventional methods. Organic spirits are subject to all the regulations concerning organic alcoholic beverages as far as applicable.

Registration in control system for organic production

Registration in Valvira’s control system for organic production requires the applicant to have a licence for the manufacture or wholesale of alcoholic beverages or spirits granted by Valvira. Registration in the control system for organic production takes place by submitting an application for an amendment of the manufacture or wholesale licence via the e-service of the alcohol trade register (Allu) before the start of organic production activities. It is also possible to register when applying for a manufacture or wholesale licence. In addition to the applicant’s details, the application must specify the operations covered by the application (manufacture by the applicant, manufacture by another party, storage, import, export and/or wholesale).

Register in the control system in the e-service of the alcohol trade register (Allu).

The processing time varies on a case-by-case basis, but the estimated processing time is approximately 30 days. The licence holder must undergo an initial inspection for organic production before registration. The fee for the decision and the fee for supervision are determined in accordance with the currently valid Decree of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. For applications submitted by 31 December 2025, the fee for the decision is 500 euros and the inspection fee is 260 euros. 

The decision on registration in the control system is valid until further notice. Compliance with the regulations is monitored through annual inspections and register control. If necessary, Valvira will provide detailed instructions on compliance with the regulations during the inspection. Based on the inspection, a fixed-term organic production certificate with which the licence holder can prove that they are registered in the control system will be issued.

Frequently asked questions about organic alcoholic beverages