Unit packets of herbal products for smoking

The Tobacco Act lays down provisions on the information on the unit packets of herbal products for smoking.

The unit packet of a herbal product for smoking must include Finnish and Swedish warning labels of the product’s adverse health effects. In addition, the unit packet must carry a warning about smoking the product. The text is as follows: “Smoking this product puts your health at risk.” The warning label must be placed on the front and back of the unit packet.

Prohibited labelling

  • The labelling of a herbal product for smoking or on its unit packet must not:
  • promote the product or encourage its consumption by creating an erroneous impression about its characteristics, health effects, risks or emissions;
  • include any information about the nicotine, tar or carbon monoxide content of the product;
  • suggest that the product is less harmful than others or aims to reduce the effect of some harmful components of smoke;
  • suggest that the product has vitalising, energetic, healing, rejuvenating, natural or organic properties, or that its use has other health or lifestyle benefits;
  • resemble a food or a cosmetic product.

In addition, the absence of additives or flavourings must not be stated on the product or on its unit packet.

The list is not exhaustive, and some labels that are not included in the list can be addressed under the provision on the marketing ban if necessary.

In view of the above, a herbal product for smoking or its unit packet must not include a label stating that it does not contain nicotine or tobacco, for example.