Register extract and Certificate of Current Professional Status

You may need a certificate of your right to practise if you intend to work abroad or apply for the right to practise your profession abroad.

You can order these certificates from Valvira:

The processing of an application in Valvira is subject to a fee. A fee is also charged for a withdrawn application. By submitting an application, you agree to the fees. Please check the prices at end of the instructions, under “Fees”. 

  • Extract from the register
  • Certificate of Current Professional Status (CCPS, including the directive certificate, also known as an EU Certificate)

An extract from the register or a Certificate of Current Professional Status can only be ordered for a person currently listed in either the Terhikki or the Suosikki register. You can verify the details of social welfare and health care professionals in the public JulkiTerhikki/JulkiSuosikki service.

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