Preparing for disturbances

Individuals, operators and the public authorities alike need to be prepared for different types of disturbances. The Health Protection Act specifically assigns municipalities the task of ensuring a healthy and safe living environment for all in the event of disturbances.

The municipal health protection authority, operators and other authorities together prepare in advance for various disturbances to prevent, detect and eliminate health detriments. If the situation requires it, the health protection authority will issue the necessary prohibitions and regulations to ensure healthy conditions.

In the event of a major disturbance, Valvira or a Regional State Administrative Agency will issue the necessary regulations. The regulations apply to citizens, companies, and the authorities. Such a major disturbance could be an accident at a nuclear power plant. Precautions must also be taken for such an accident, even though it is very unlikely.

Valvira has also drawn up instructions for various drinking water disturbances. Visit our Procedures for securing the quality of drinking water page for instructions concerning drinking water disturbances.

Preparing for a nuclear or radiation emergency

In the event of a nuclear or radiation emergency, it is necessary to prepare for self-protection and cleaning. When it comes to protection and cleaning, you must always follow the instructions of the authorities.

There are several guidelines for how to prepare for a nuclear or radiation emergency. Valvira has prepared guidelines for nuclear or radiation emergencies to ensure that drinking water, indoor spaces and the living environment remain safe. In turn, the Finnish Food Authority has drawn up guidelines for nuclear or radiation emergencies to protect foodstuffs and primary production The Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK) is Finland’s nuclear and radiation emergencies expert.

For example, the municipal health protection authorities ensure that staying in public buildings in a nuclear or radiation emergency will not cause health detriments, and that the use of drinking water is safe.