Requests for information and research permits for Valvira datasets

Requests for Information

Pursuant to the Act on the Openness of Government Activities, everyone has the right to access information contained in public Valvira documents. Documents held by government authorities are public, unless they are specifically deemed confidential by law. If a government authority refuses to disclose a document on grounds of confidentiality or for any other reason, the party making the request can call for a decision to be issued on said refusal. That decision can then be appealed to the relevant Administrative Court.

Research permits

We grant permits for access to the datasets we maintain, for the purposes of scientific research, statistics compilation and official duties. These data are released for use under the Act on the Secondary Use of Health and Social Data and the Act on the Openness of Government Activities. Some Valvira datasets are public.Moreover, some Valvira datasets are available as open data.A permit will not be granted if it is clear that the data would be used for purposes other than those acceptable by law. A permit will not be granted, for instance, for obtaining data concerning the case of a specific private individual.

You may apply to the Health and Social Data Permit Authority (Findata) for research permits for datasets falling within the purview of the Act on the Secondary Use of Health and Social Data.

Valvira offers advisory services on the data content of registers

If you plan to utilise our datasets, please contact us before submitting an application. We will provide you with advisory services as to the feasibility of the proposed data retrieval and its costs. For further information on the data content of our registers, please refer to the data privacy statements compiled on our Data Protection pages.