Whistleblower protection at Valvira

Whistleblower protection is provided for in the Finnish Whistleblower Act and in the EU’s Whistleblowing Directive. The purpose of whistleblower protection is to ensure that anyone observing instances of mis-conduct at work can report those without fear of retaliation.  Through the reporting channel, whistle-blowers can report misconduct safely and in a way that protects their identity. 

Through the reporting channel, Valvira employees, stakeholders and partners can safely report certain types of suspected misconduct or other unethical activities. Current Valvira employees can file a report through the in-house reporting channel in the intranet. Those who do not have access to the in-house reporting channel may file a report on any misconduct in Valvira operations falling within the scope of the Whistleblower Act through the centralised reporting channel of the Office of the Chancellor of Justice.