Alcohol trade register Allu

The National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health (Valvira) and the Regional State Administrative Agencies maintain the Allu alcohol trade register, in which information about alcohol operators, alcohol licences and alcoholic products, as well as their production and reporting, is saved.

Electronic services in the alcohol trade register

In the Allu e-services, you can submit licence applications or notifications related to the serving, retail sale, production, wholesale, industrial use, import, export or international trade of alcohol. Applications and notifications will be automatically forwarded to the correct Regional State Administrative Agency or Valvira for processing.

Read more about processing of personal data (in Finnish).

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  • Electronic services for the Alcohol Trade Register require identification and/or a e-Authorization. If you are a signatory, representative or the CEO a company, you can use your banking codes, among others, to identify yourself in the Alcohol Trade Register. To check that you can act on behalf of your organisation, use the Trade Register, the Business Information System, the Register of Associations, or the Authorisation Register.
  • In order for others to be able to use the Alcohol Trade Register, they must be granted e-Authorizations to manage your company's affairs. Instructions for granting a mandate for transactions and a mandate to represent can be found on the website.
  • Select “Applying permits and reporting of the alcohol sector” if you want to grant an authorisation to apply for alcohol licences and report data on your company’s behalf. If you only want to grant an authorisation to report data, select “Reporting of the alcohol sector to the authorities”. 
  • For the time being, electronic services can only be used by people who have a Finnish personal identity code. The possibility of logging in through the Finnish Authenticator identification service is under development. We recommend that you enable the FA service already at this time.
  • Currently, you can only act on behalf of a party whose information can be found in Virre, the Register of Associations or the BIS service. Other parties must use PDF forms.
  • Allu's e-services are not available in Åland for applying either alcohol serving or retail sales licences.
  • Read the e-service instructions at the top of the front page of Allu. Then select a form and follow its instructions.

If you cannot use the electronic services of the Alcohol Trade Register, you can use services with PDF forms. Please note that using services with paper forms is slower than their electronic use. 

You can find the forms related to serving of alcohol and the retail sale of alcohol the Regional State Administrative Agency’s website.

You can find the PDF forms related to Valvira's licences and notifications (in Finnish) on the Alcohol Trade Register Allu's PDF forms -page:

  • Reporting related to alcohol trade
  • Licence for the production and wholesale of alcoholic beverages
  • Serving and retail licence holder's notification of import
  • Notification of sales of alcoholic beverages in international traffic
  • Notification of sales of slightly denatured spirits
  • Licence to use industrial and kitchen alcohol
  • Production, import and wholesale licences for spirits

Frequently asked questions about Allu

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