Water work card

The water work card ensures that people working with commercial and swimming pool water have sufficient knowledge of and competence in water-related hygiene and plant engineering. People working at water abstraction plants, water supply plants and swimming pools in tasks where they affect water quality must have a water work card.

The water work card is granted after an approved water work card test. There are separate tests for commercial and swimming pool water work cards. If a person is working in a task that affects the quality of both commercial and swimming pool water, they must have the commercial water work card and swimming pool water work card.

The water work card test tests participants’ knowledge of matters such as water microbiology, cleaning techniques and water quality legislation. More detailed competence requirements are described in the Decrees of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health 1350 and 1351/2006.

Water work card tests are organised by testers approved by Valvira. The water work card is valid for five years from the day the test was successfully completed. The test must be taken again after five years.


Water work card testers are approved by Valvira. A tester must have formal competence in accordance with the Health Protection Act, as well as knowledge and experience of plant engineering and household water and swimming pool water hygiene. Testers are independent operators supervised by Valvira.

Valvira keeps a contact list of the testers. The lists are found at the end of this page.

In addition to water work card testing, testers can provide training. However, Valvira is not responsible for the training provided by the testers.

You can apply to become a tester by filling in our electronic application or by submitting a free-form application with the required attachments to Valvira’s registry office. Read more about becoming a tester in Valvira’s guideline. You will find the guideline at the end of this page.

Frequently asked questions about the water work card