The alcohol trade register will be updated – submit alcohol licences and reports on time

16.12.2022 16:04

The aim is to deploy the updated alcohol trade register Allu in February 2023. We will announce a more detailed date as soon as possible. Submit reports for 2022 in January as before. As a result of the update, it is important that reports are submitted on time:

  • Submit six-month serving reports and annual retail reports by 31 January 2023.
  • Submit December delivery reports and September–December kegging and bottling reports by 18 January 2023.

Also take care of your licences at first opportunity. There may be delays in the processing of applications close to the deployment date. Most recent information about the update is available on the website of the updated alcohol trade register (

Grant an authorisation for e-services at

Only individuals with the right to sign for their company can use the new alcohol trade register’s e-services without any separate authorisation. This means that they need to grant an authorisation for other individuals or companies that submit product notifications, report sales data or apply for licences on their company’s behalf. The website includes instructions on how individuals with the right to sign for their company can grant an authorisation for another individual or an accounting firm, for example.

When granting an authorisation, note the following:

  • Select “Mandate for transactions” as the authorisation type.
  • Select the individual or company for which you want to grant an authorisation. Do not select Valvira as a party.
  • Select “Applying permits and reporting of the alcohol sector” if you want to grant an authorisation to apply for alcohol licences and report data on your company’s behalf. If you only want to grant an authorisation to report data, select “Reporting of the alcohol sector to the authorities”. Do not select any other authorisations – select either of these two.

Our previous news includes instructions on how an individual requiring an authorisation can request it and how an individual with the right to sign for their company can approve the request. An authorisation can also be obtained like this. More information about requesting an authorisation is available on the website.

Further information:

The alcohol administration of Valvira, alkoholi(at)