The alcohol trade register is soon here – what should you know before its deployment?

14.4.2023 14:00

The deployment date (18 April) of the new alcohol trade register Allu is approaching fast. In this news, we will tell you what you need to know about the deployment of the new alcohol trade register.

Electronic services will be temporarily closed during the deployment

The target date for deploying the new Allu e-services is 18 April 2023. As the current Allu register will be closed on Thursday 13 April at 9 am, information cannot be reported and product notifications cannot be submitted between 13 and 18 April.

Completely new e-services will be deployed by noon on 18 April. Please note that there may be delays in processing during the deployment of the system.

Log in to the new Allu through services 

You can access the alcohol trade register’s e-services through the e-Identification service. If you have the right to sign for your company, you can log in to Allu using your online banking codes, for example. Other users must be provided with authorisations to act on behalf of your company. authorisations must be applied for everyone who submits product notifications, reports sales information or applies for licences on your company’s behalf. Without the authorisation, only individuals with the right to sign for your company can use the updated Allu system. Read instructions on how to apply for authorisations.

Frequently asked questions about the Allu update

What will change in the new Allu?

  • Until now, applications for alcohol licences have been submitted using paper or PDF forms. As a result of the Allu update, applications for alcohol licences must be submitted online, and the system for reporting alcohol sales data and submitting product notifications will become more user-friendly.
  • Read more about the new alcohol trade register.

Does Allu indicate who processes my application?

  • The processing authority and the processor are indicated in the processing section on the front page.

Does Allu indicate the processing status for my application?

  • The status of processing is shown in the processing section on the front page. Once your application has been processed, you can read the decision in the decision section.

How do I know whether my application has been processed?

  • Information about decisions is sent through the Messages service if your company has enabled electronic notifications at or on paper if electronic notifications have not been enabled. In addition, the processing status is also shown in real time in Allu.

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