Reform of the alcohol trade register is progressing

28.7.2022 14:00

There are good news concerning the alcohol trade register ALLU. The reform of the system is progressing, and its commissioning will take place at the end of the year. According to the current estimate, the system will be available to customers in December 2022. Next summer’s permit applications will already be handled through the new ALLU system.

The exact commissioning date will be confirmed in the early autumn. During the autumn, a more precise schedule for customers’ end-of-year reporting will also be confirmed.

The reform of the ALLU register into fully electronic format will clarify and accelerate the application process for alcohol licences and improve access to information and the quality of information.

Allu contains information on alcohol sector operators and alcohol-related licenses. Information on alcohol deliveries between license holders as well as restaurant and retail sales volumes is also recorded on the system for supervisory purposes. The data is used to generate statistical information on capacity, sales and consumption nationally, which is published annually by the National Institute for Health and Welfare.

Further information:

Systems Specialist Joona Leppälahti, tel. +358 295 209 373, joona.leppalahti(at)