Track and Trace regulation expands to all tobacco products in May 

Publication date 22.1.2024 11.41
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The Track and Trace regulation on the prevention of illicit trade will expand to all tobacco products from 20 May 2024. Currently, the regulation only covers cigarettes and loose tobacco. From 20 May 2024, all tobacco retail packages must be marked with a security feature and a unique identifier that enables traceability. “Tobacco product” means a product that is made wholly or in part from tobacco plants. The regulation does not apply to tobacco substitutes even after 20 May 2024.

Economic operators engaged in the sale and delivery chain of tobacco products must comply with valid legislation in their activities. Operators must independently ensure that retail packages are furnished with all the markings required after 20 May 2024. In addition, operators must request the identification codes required to register the movements of tobacco products from the provider designated by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. Manufacturers of tobacco products must provide operators with the equipment required for such registrations.

The transitional regulation permits the sale of tobacco products that have been manufactured and imported into the EU before 20 May 2024 and that do not have a unique identifier until 20 May 2026. This applies to tobacco products other than cigarettes and loose tobacco that are already within the scope of the regulation and are required to have unique identifiers. After 20 May 2026, no tobacco products that are not furnished with a unique identifier are permitted on the market.

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