Apply for the right to practise in health and social services as soon as you graduate

Publication date 29.4.2024 8.59
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Since you are about to become a health care or social welfare professional, we would like to remind you to apply for the right to practise as soon as you graduate. Applying for the right to practise immediately after completing your degree or qualification is important, because without it you will only be allowed to work as a legalised professional for 30 days after your graduation date. We aim to process applications so that applicants’ work will not be interrupted.

If you have trained in Finland, you should apply for the right to practise in Valvira’s online service (in Finnish). Applications are processed on a first come, first served basis; requests for expedited processing are not considered. We will process your application within 30 days. Once the matter has been resolved, the decision will be posted to your online account or sent to you by e-mail if you have given your consent for this. The information will be updated in the JulkiTerhikki and JulkiSuosikki registers within one day.

If you are qualifying as a practical nurse, please note that you may apply for the right to practise in both health care and social welfare. Indeed, Valvira recommends that practical nurses should register in both Suosikki and Terhikki.  

Medical students in another EU or EEA Member State

Valvira processes applications for the right to practise from medical doctors who have completed their studies in another EU or EEA Member State. If you have graduated abroad, you should expect that you may have to temporarily discontinue your work before you are granted the right to practise. If your application is eligible for processing, we will issue a decision within 30 days, but complications such as an incomplete application may delay the process. 

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Further information:

Maarit Mikkonen, Head of Unit, tel. +358 (0)29 520 9561 (university training)
Jenni Kangas, Head of Unit, +358 (0)295 209 532 (universities of applied sciences and upper secondary level training)

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