Changes in wine labelling on 8 December 2023

Publication date 31.10.2023 8.37 | Published in English on 2.11.2023 at 15.24
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A nutrition declaration and a list of ingredients must be added to the labelling of wines produced after 8 December 2023, as well as to sparkling wines and aerated wines, among others. They can also be given in electronic format using a QR code, for example. As the information is part of mandatory labelling, it must be given in Finnish and Swedish.

At the end of November, the EU will publish extensive instructions containing questions and answers to clarify the changes. The instructions will be published under Valvira’s guidelines on alcohol, and they will apply to wines sold in Finland. Detailed questions should be checked from the instructions when they are available. However, a few issues can be clarified based on the preparatory documents:

  • Wine has been produced when it has achieved the state and composition in which it is placed available on the market as wine. Wine does not necessarily need to be bottled.
  • The nutrition declaration and list of ingredients must be given in Finnish and Swedish. This also applies to information given in electronic format.
  • The energy content must always be indicated in the label. It must be headed “Energy content” or “E”. The energy content must be indicated in kilocalories and kilojoules per 100 ml.
  • If sulphite or another ingredient causing allergies is highlighted in the list of ingredients printed on the label, it does not need to be mentioned separately.
  • According to current interpretations, information given in electronic format does not need to be headed, but Valvira recommends that a heading be added in Finnish and Swedish to better serve consumers. This is particularly important if the label includes two or more QR codes.
  • The changes only apply to wine products made from grapes, not to berry or fruit wine, for example.

Similar changes will also be required in mulled wines, but the relevant EU regulation has not yet been issued. Valvira will also publish revised guidelines for wine labelling, covering all legal amendments and links to them.

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