Effectiveness of self-monitoring in the wellbeing services counties varies

Publication date 20.2.2024 12.15
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Elderly person with a nurse.

There is variation in the quality and coverage of self-monitoring in the wellbeing services counties. The organisation of and resources available to self-monitoring also vary greatly. The wellbeing services counties are not fully able to ensure equitable access to and sufficiency of services through self-monitoring. By law, the wellbeing services counties are responsible for supervising all outsourced and self-produced services.

In many of the wellbeing services counties, the integration process has not yet been completed, which complicates the pursuing of self-monitoring. The monitoring processes themselves are not yet finalised. Self-monitoring is further complicated by the fact that there are multiple patient and client information systems in use. However, the wellbeing services counties have already drawn up their statutory self-monitoring programmes, and under these the preparation of the self-monitoring plans specifically provided for by law has begun.

There are plans for extensive leveraging of digital and remote services and for reinforcing early support in order to ensure equal access to services. Challenges in personnel availability are being met with pay improvements, outsourced services and reforms of operating areas, allocation of job duties and management.

Supervisory authorities continue to verify self-monitoring

During 2023, self-monitoring performance was evaluated through steering and assessment visits conducted by Valvira and the regional state administrative agencies in the wellbeing services counties, at HUS and in the City of Helsinki. These visits formed part of the planned oversight functions of the supervisory authorities. Their purpose was to help wellbeing services counties engage successfully in self-monitoring and to ensure that self-monitoring was being carried out. On these visits, special attention was paid to child welfare services, implementation of the Decree on Maternity and Child Care Clinics, preventive health care for children and adolescents, access to treatment and home care.

Valvira and the regional state administrative agencies continue to support the wellbeing services counties in their development of self-monitoring and in ensuring the continuity, safety and quality of services along with promoting equal access to services for clients.


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