Intercountry adoptions under scrutiny by the Adoption Board

Publication date 18.1.2024 15.09 | Published in English on 19.1.2024 at 14.12
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The Norwegian and Danish authorities are investigating a number of irregularities relating to intercountry adoptions. The central supervisory authority for adoptions in Norway has recommended that intercountry adoptions be suspended until the investigation has been completed and is waiting for the competent ministry’s decision on the matter. In Denmark, the country’s only adoption agency – Danish International Adoption – has decided to close its doors following the central adoption authority’s investigation. The investigation unearthed signs of irregularities in the handling of adoptions either in the sending countries or by the service providers in the receiving country.

The investigations carried out by the Norwegian and Danish authorities and the worrying evidence that they have uncovered relate to countries that also send children for adoption in Finland. The Finnish Adoption Board is looking into the need to conduct its own investigation and is liaising with international central adoption authorities as well as Finnish adoption service providers. Intercountry adoption processes that are already in progress will not be affected.

The Adoption Board is not aware of any illegalities relating to intercountry adoptions involving Finland but is keeping a close eye on the situation. The Adoption Board does not tolerate any kind of abuse of the system or irregularities in adoption processes. ‘We consider it essential to continuously monitor the situation and to actively share information with other authorities when coordinating adoptions. Finland is keeping a close eye on what is happening in other countries,’ says Irene Pärssinen-Hentula, Chair of the Finnish Adoption Board.

Focusing on the best interests of the child

The Adoption Board considers it important that adoption processes are ethical and comply with the relevant regulations to protect the interests of the child, which is always the number-one priority.

The Adoption Board is an independent authority based at the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health (Valvira). The Adoption Board is liaising with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and will provide overall view and information to support a national investigation should such be opened in Finland.


Irene Pärssinen-Hentula, Chair of the Adoption Board, tel. +358 (0) 29 520 9247

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