Contact the correct authority on alcohol issues

Issues related to the licensing and supervision of alcohol are processed by both the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health (Valvira) and the Regional State Administrative Agencies. Notifications and applications submitted via the e-service are automatically forwarded to the correct authority for processing. If you need more information, please see below which authority you should contact.

The Regional State Administrative Agencies handles the serving, retail sales and advertising of alcoholic beverages in their territories.

Valvira handles the licensing and supervision of the wholesale, production and import of alcohol. Valvira also supervises nationwide alcohol advertising. Industrial and kitchen alcohol licences, issues involving alcohol in international transport and guidance for the Regional State Administrative Agencies are also Valvira’s duties.

See more information on which authority you should contact below.

Contact the Regional State Administrative Agency

Contact the Regional State Administrative Agency if your matter concerns any of the following:

  • Serving or retail trade licence
  • Any shortcoming you have observed in the operation or advertising of licensed or retail sale premises
  • Biannual serving notification or annual retail sales notification.

Contact Valvira

Contact Valvira if your matter concerns any of the following:

  • Wholesale, production, import or industrial use of alcohol, or kitchen alcohol
  • Reporting of alcohol deliveries or import
  • Nationwide alcohol advertising
  • Retail sales or serving of alcohol in international transport or at an airport.

You should also contact Valvira if you suspect that the quality or packaging labels of an alcoholic beverage do not comply with legislation.

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